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Public Services Committed to the Digital Transformation


19 Apr 2016


Innovation & Enterprise

CEEP welcomes the publication by the European Commission of its plans to digitize the European economy. The EU can play an important role in digitizing public services by fostering cooperation and coordination between actors, setting a fair EU regulatory framework and supporting innovation through funding.

Valeria Ronzitti, CEEP General Secretary, specifically brought forward:

"All sectors and types of enterprises need to be taken into account to deliver the economic and societal value of the Digital Single Market. The successful rolling-out of the eGovernement Action Plan is crucial. But the digitalisation of public services’ goes well beyond that. A strong rationale exists for public services’ providers to be involved in the digital transformation to remain competitive, to meet citizens' expectations and societal challenges. Digital industrial solutions need to be developed in close collaboration with public services, with a view of building on expertise and meeting well-identified needs.

Adapting to the digital era and providing the workforce with the right skills will remain a major challenge for public services’ employers in the future. The European Commission rightly recognizes this challenge. CEEP welcomes the intention to establish a comprehensive dialogue on the social aspects of digitalisation, including social partners. We look forward to build up an effective partnership with the Commission on this issue.”


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