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PU Europe welcomes ITRE vote on Energy Efficiency Directive


01 Mar 2012



Yesterday, the European Parliament’s Industry and Energy Committee adopted its first reading position on the Energy Efficiency Directive. The Parliament not only made the 20 % energy savings target by 2020 binding, it also requires Member States to develop building renovation roadmaps with a view to reducing the energy demand of Europe’s buildings by 80 % by 2050.

Oliver Loebel, Secretary General of PU Europe stated: “The fact that the compromise amendments were supported by a wide cross-party majority is a strong wake-up call to the Council not to let pass the extraordinary opportunities which energy efficiency measures offer to our societies”.

In particular, PU Europe welcomes the amendments regarding national building renovation roadmaps up to 2050. If well drafted, they will provide a badly needed long-term prospective to all building stakeholders and encourage investments in both production capacities and professional training and qualification.

MEPS also confirmed the leading role of public authorities and increased the weight of building renovation in national energy saving obligations schemes.

“We should congratulate the ITRE and IMCO rapporteurs involved in the development of compromise amendments. They stroke the right balance between binding targets and measures on the one side, and flexibility in implementation on the other. By doing so, they accommodated some of the Council’s major demands.” Loebel concluded.

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29th February 2012