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Promoting innovative cogeneration in cities


09 Mar 2010



Best practice cases of cogeneration in cities at EUSEW seminar in Brussels on 25

8 March 2010

One outstanding example of the promotion of cogeneration by a city is Berlin. Its campaign “KWK
Modellstadt Berlin” (CHP Pilot City Berlin) shows on several levels how to promote cogeneration in an
urban environment and how to combine cogeneration with other innovative technologies and with
renewable energy sources.


Berlin has got the biggest district heating system in Western Europe: 1.500 kilometres of pipe systems are
weaving through the German capital. Additionally, more than 280 cogeneration units are providing
decentralised heating systems. This sums up to a 30% share of cogeneration in the local heating market.
Using this fundament, Berlin’s aim is to raise awareness in public for this efficient way of generating heat
and power and to create pilot projects with innovative technologies.


COGEN Europe and Berlin Energy Agency have teamed up to organise a joint seminar during the EU
Sustainable Energy Week 2010 on “Promoting innovative cogeneration in cities”. Beyond Berlin, the
experience of several other pilot cities and regions will be presented during a seminar (e.g. Paris, Frankfurt
and Riga). Stakeholders such as European Commission, Energie-Cités and Dalkia will discuss ways to
promote these successful approaches among other cities in Europe, identify critical factors for success and
to come up with recommendations.


Alexandre Espinoza from Dalkia, who will speak at the seminar, says "Cogeneration is an efficient
instrument for energy production in cities, responding to a local demand. It can be used in various
innovative schemes (e.g. district heating mixing primary energies with renewables). Energy service
providers such as Dalkia have the experience to develop and operate such innovative solutions throughout
the EU. EUSEW is an important EU initiative to disseminate good practice among cities and help public
authorities to design a regulatory environment that enables to reach the full potential of cogeneration."


The half-day seminar on best practice examples of cogeneration in urban areas is an official event of the
2010 EU Sustainable Energy Week, the reference European event for energy efficiency and renewable
energy. The focus of this year’s EUSEW is on Europe’s cities and their efforts in the fight against climate


The COGEN Europe/Berlin Energy Agency seminar will take place on Thursday 25 March 2010 starting at
9.15 o’clock at the Centre A. Borschette (Room 1A), rue Froissart 36, 1040 Brussels, Belgium.






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