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Prominent MEP and Women's Rights Committee President, Eva-Britt Svensson, resigns


29 Aug 2011


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Swedish MEP Eva-Britt Svensson has resigned from the European Parliament for health reasons and will be replaced by Mikael Gustafsson.

Eva-Britt Svensson served as Vice-Chair of the GUE/NGL Group, and President of the European Parliament's Women's Rights and Gender Equality committee. She became a prominent advocate for women's rights and was responsible earlier this year for a report which obliges the European Commission to present proposals on tackling violence against women across the EU.

One of the most active members of Parliament, Eva-Britt Svensson received praise for her work and was given an "Outstanding Achievement" award by The Parliament Magazine.

"Eva-Britt Svensson did a fantastic job and managed to combine a highly critical attitude to transparency and democracy issues in Europe with strong commitment to women's rights and gender equality. Thanks to Eva-Britt, women have had a clear and strong voice on these issues in Europe," GUE/NGL President Lothar Bisky said.

The GUE/NGL as a whole pays tribute to Eva-Britt Svensson's competence, hard work, and devotion to the causes she defends and considers her resignation a great loss not just for the GUE/NGL group but for the parliament as a whole.

"It's very sad to leave my position, but I am also pleased and grateful that I have been working for the GUE/NGL group and the Swedish Left Party in the European Parliament for seven years. Our work has been valuable and effective and will continue," Svensson said.


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