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Precision farming tool generated €19 M for French farmers in 2016


03 Apr 2017


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In 2016, 21,000 French farmers used the N-Tester to measure the nitrogen status of 710.000 hectares of wheat. As a result, farmers were able to adapt their nutrition plan to the needs of the crop with direct effect on yield, protein content, fertilization cost and the environment.

Based on data from 240 trials conducted with Arvalis over 10 years, Yara calculates that the use of Yara N-Tester generated an additional income of 19 million € for the French farmers in 2016. This figure includes the value created by higher yields, the premium for high protein content in wheat and cost savings from lower fertilizer application.

The additional yield also generated extra production of approximately 85.000 tons of wheat, allowing to feed 310,000 people.

At the same time, the use of the N-Tester enabled optimized crop nutrition management, which contributed to  lower greenhouse gas emissions by 71.000 t of CO2 .

“To feed a growing population, we must employ best practices and new technologies,” says Svein Tore Holsther CEO of Yara. “We need to grow more food from less land, while reducing the environmental impact of agricultural operations. Precision farming is key for the future of European agriculture as it meets both the requirements of the society and the farmer”.

Yara N-Tester™ is a hand held leaf nitrogen measurement tool which enables quick and easy readings to be taken in a growing crop to establish its exact nitrogen status. This allows fast and accurate field specific recommendations to fine tune nitrogen application during the growing season. For more information please click here.


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