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Positive and constructive conclusion to the 34th session of the ACP-EU JPA in Haiti, say S&Ds


21 Dec 2017


Global Europe
Sustainable Dev.

Brussels, 21 December 2017

Commenting on the 34th plenary session of the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly (18-20 December, Port-au-Prince, Haiti), which focused particularly on sustainable development, security and the political and migration situation, S&D MEP Louis-Joseph Manscour, vice-chair of the ACP-EU JPA said:

"We have seen and heard clearly this week about the vulnerability of ACP countries, in particular island states to the effects of climate change and natural disasters.

"S&D MEPs have continued to work with our sister parties from across the ACP to advance an agenda of sustainable development and climate resilience.

"There are enormous opportunities to create sustainable jobs in the tourism and research sectors. We are committed to enhancing technical know-how and political dialogue between ACP countries and the EU for mutually beneficial progress."

S&D MEP and ACP-EU JPA vice-chair Juan Fernando López Aguilar said:
"Intense discussions were held this week on the political, security and migration challenges we are facing. S&D Members recommitted with our ACP partners to advance a human rights-based policy on migration in counties of origin, transit and destination.
"The situation in Libya is extremely concerning, and parliamentarians from across the ACP and EU urged the European Commission and ACP governments to step up action immediately to eradicate all forms of human trafficking and slavery. 
"Respect for human rights and the rule of law form one of the fundamental principles of our joint ACP-EU parliamentary cooperation and we will continue to advocate these priorities."



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