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Position on the Evaluation Report of the Postal Services Directive


07 Mar 2022




PostEurop appreciates the comprehensive work done by the Commission in the Evaluation report on the Postal Services Directive (PSD)1, which was also discussed with Commissioner Mr. Thierry Breton during the meeting held in November 2021 with CEOs from twenty EU designated postal operators.

On the Cross-border Parcel Delivery Regulation Evaluation Report2, PostEurop mostly agrees with the conclusions, and would only like to underline, as stated by the EC, that there is a fierce competition in the parcel market and that prices offered to consumers are affordable. Therefore, there is no need to amend the Regulation or further regulate the subject.

Regarding the PSD Evaluation Report (the “Report”), there are some key topics on which postal operators do not necessarily share the EC views. Thus, the document will explain and further illustrate the views of PostEurop members.

  1. General views on the Report and the future of the Postal Services Directive

The Report rightly underlines that the “main takeaway of the Report is that maintaining some form of universal postal service for all EU citizens is justified, although with an appropriate level of flexibility for Member States to design postal policies at national level”. PostEurop members consider that a minimum common regulatory framework should remain in place, as it is still relevant.

Future postal USO should consider the speed of development of digital skills by society in each Member State, and the quick shrinking volume of non-electronic communication. This is confirmed by the Staff Working Document, which points out that “the products included and related features and quality requirements might need to differ between Member States”3.

Along the same lines, the Report also recognises our sector’s weight in the European economy, both in terms of contribution to GDP and in terms of employment. Despite the shrinking mail market, universal service providers have undertaken measures to maintain sustainable and offer quality employment, in line with the EU’s objective to ensure quality labour and well-paid jobs for all4. Hence, they remain being trusted by society, not only as enablers for the EU economy and its social and territorial cohesion, but also as responsible employers.

The PSD is still fit for purpose, although the quickly shrinking volume of  mail  calls  for further  flexibility in order to ensure that universal services are economically sustainable and adapted to national circumstances. In this context, when considering any adjustment to the USO, the impact on the sustainability of the USO, the needs of consumers (including vulnerable groups) and business customers should be taken into account in order not to leave any citizen behind.

The main objective of the USO is – and should remain – to ensure the provision of services that are relevant both for citizens and the economy.

Please find the full position here.



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