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Plus Energy House in Bottrop features VIP technology


27 Sep 2016



(BRUSSELS, 27 September 2016) -- The project Innovation City led by RWE in Bottrop, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, included the transformation of a single family house from the 60s into a future oriented Plus Energy House. The renovation process included a number of innovative and high-performance products and technologies among which vacuum insulation panels (VIPs).

The team working in the renovation project was faced with three main problems where VIPs offered the best solution: insulating the cellar ceiling, the outer walls and the roller shutter casings. In all three situations, VIPs proved to be the most suitable technology providing high insulation values (a rated value of 0,007 W/(m*K) and little to no reduction in space, which was especially important in the smaller rooms of the house. Further to that, the panels were ready to be applied and came in different formats which facilitated the delivery to the construction site as well as the installation process.

This case study demonstrates how VIPs play an important role when insulation and space are a concern. The team working on the renovation process did not hesitate to use this technology and was very satisfied with the final result. The Kewitsch family was also very pleased to participate at the Innovation City project and to get back to their home which became a Plus Energy house.

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