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Pittella: While migrants keeps on dying, someone pretends there is no emergency in the Mediterranean Sea


26 May 2016


Justice & Home Affairs
Med & South

Following the new shocking news about the deaths of over 80 migrants off the Libyan coast in the attempt to cross the Mediterranean Sea, the president of the Socialists and Democrats group, Gianni Pittella, stated:
"Some people continue to turn a blind eye assuming that there is no emergency in the Mediterranean Sea. Unfortunately the reality is dramatically different. It has been reported that about 80 migrants could have been drowned off the Libyan coast. This new tragedy follows on from yesterday when another migrant boat capsized with over 600 people on board. This could have led to even more deaths if it wasn't for the prompt intervention of the Italian Guard cost and Frontex.
"How many deaths do we have to count before we finally implement a European Migration compact, revise the Dublin system, build an effective relocation system and a safe humanitarian route to Europe. Securing the Balkan route cannot be enough. The Mediterranean Sea again risks becoming a cemetery of desperate migrants. Paralyzed by an inadequate decision-making system and by the reluctances of some member states, every single day we lose is a further day we put human beings at risk of dying. We don't want to be co-responsible for these tragedies. We cannot accept to have blood on our hands because of someone else's selfish and narrow mind. Europe wake up!"