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Pittella: Military escalation is not an option. Diplomatic multilateral efforts are the only way forward in the North Korea crisis


05 Sep 2017


Global Europe

Following North Korea's recent military provocations and last Sunday's test of hydrogen weapon technology, S&D Group president Gianni Pittella said:
"A military option should not be on the table. Diplomatic multilateral efforts are the only responsible way forward to resolve the situation with North Korea. Hence, we call on China, Russia and the US to throw their political and economic weight behind the international commitment to find a peaceful solution. In this volatile context, it is crucial Europe is united and as vocal as possible in order to counter-balance any possible unilateral and irreversible action. At the same time the international community should be ready in the case of any offensive action by the North Korea regime.
"The S&D Group strongly condemns the nuclear tests undertaken by North Korea, considering such actions a real threat to the international non-proliferation agenda and to global peace. The North Korean regime must refrain from further provocative steps.
"Europe, along with the international community, should consider all possible measures to put maximum pressure on the Pyongyang regime, including further sanctions."