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Pittella: Leaked document shows the nasty side of Theresa May´s government


06 Sep 2017


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UK in Europe

Responding to a leaked document from the UK Home Office on a possible post-Brexit immigration strategy, S&D Group President Gianni Pittella said:
“The leaked document shows the nasty side of Theresa May´s government. This latest news will only bring about increased polarisation among people and deep mistrust in the negotiations.
“Should the British government follow the position outlined, it will certainly not help the current withdrawal negotiations nor the talks on a future relationship. The information leaked adds uncertainty and confusion for people and business, pushing the objective of "sufficient progress" even further away.
“We are running against the clock. The Socialists and Democrats Group together with the whole European Parliament are united in rejecting any attempt, any proposal or deal that might undermine the rights of both EU and UK citizens. This is the red line the European Parliament will highlight in its forthcoming resolution.
“Theresa May's government once again comes across as completely unfit to cope with the seriousness, sensitiveness and danger of this historical phase.”