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Pittella: "It's time to discuss debt relief for Greece"


19 Oct 2016


Med & South

Today in Brussels the president of the Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament, Gianni Pittella MEP, met with the leader of Pasok, Fofi Gennimata.
Gianni Pittella and Fofi Gennimata said:
"A punitive approach against the Greek people will not be allowed. The hawks in Europe must understand that the Greek people have already contributed a lot. It is now time for Europe to support the efforts of the Greek people and start discussions on debt relief. All member states must understand that Greece cannot be left alone to face the refugee crisis.
"The S&D Group and Pasok are eager to keep working together at the European level to support the Greek people. In this endeavour, we need the strength of the whole social-democratic family – of which Pasok is an important member."