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09 Nov 2021


Agriculture & Food

The current pandemic context and the European pest control market

The Covid-19 pandemic has undoubtedly generated an unprecedented global economic and health crisis. In this context, many businesses and organizations have automatically been subjected to enormous pressure on how they will be able to operate. In the current epidemiological situation, it goes without saying that the areas of healthcare and social care are at the forefront and are trying to cope with the whole chaos created by the widespread spread of coronavirus. But neither could they without the help the of suppliers of products and services that provide them with everything they need to stay in operation in the best possible conditions. Of course, this is valid for all sectors of society, especially if we consider the food supply, which is more than vital for society.

Unfortunately, here is one of the most serious and grim consequences that the pandemic has caused, namely the interruption of production and services on the continent, a matter that is valid even in the European pest control market. However, with the slow but steady progress made by large-scale vaccination of the population, it is anticipated that the situation will return to normal. Therefore, companies, regardless of the field of activity, begin to make all necessary efforts to remain active and relevant in the market and to stand out in relation to the competition.

In the European pest control market that we have already mentioned as an example, the main actors have started to adopt a series of effective tools and tactics to keep them afloat, such as developing or expanding the business and the launch of new products and services.

PestControl-Bucuresti- Discover the new total disinfection service

PestControl-Bucuresti, a top supplier in the pest control industry, is a name that has understood that in order to remain relevant on the market, you need to provide equally relevant products and services. Therefore, in view of the growing concern about the danger posed by the spread of Covid-19 to businesses and communities in general, PestControl is launching a new service - Total Disinfection - which differs from existing classic methods and which its role is to meet the urgent need for complete disinfection against existing invisible threats.

Also, because at PestControl-Bucuresti customer needs become a priority, the supplier promises that with this new service, all work areas of business owners will be completely clean and disinfected at the time of opening (from doorknobs, doors, walls, tables for food preparation, etc.), so that staff and customers return safely to a fully sanitized environment, in accordance with the protocols of the Government and the Local Public Health Directorates.

Total Disinfection PestControl - Method of application

Currently, control over the rate of spread of coronavirus follows two main directions: on the one hand, maximizing the efficiency of disinfectant application and on the other hand, minimizing as much as possible the potential harmful effects that these disinfectants can produce, endangering human health or being unfriendly to the environment.

In view of all this, as mentioned above, this new service launched by PestControl-Bucuresti differs from traditional methods precisely because of the method of application used, which requires a minimum amount of chemical disinfectants, but with a greater efficiency on surface sanitation and against pests. As the motto according to which PestControl guides its entire activity is Success begins with science, this is also the reason why this supplier uses only previously tested and scientifically certified methods.

There have also been some prominent trends in pesticides in the European pest control market, which have been increasingly in demand due to the following factors:

• Crop protection efforts by several governments, as well as non-governmental initiatives

• Climate change across the continent that is directly responsible for high temperatures, the perfect condition for pest proliferation

• Absolutely vital need in the food sector and in the agricultural industry.

Why choose PestControl-Bucuresti

PestControl-Bucuresti, a leading provider of commercial pest control and disinfection services in Romania, operates in Bucharest and neighboring counties, providing its customers with customized and efficient pest management solutions for any type of business, regardless of field, in an honest and transparent manner. This is possible mainly thanks to the PestControl team, which is made up of well-trained professional members who use only products in accordance with the requirements imposed by the INSP (National Institute of Public Health) on the appropriate use solutions against the new coronavirus.

Request now the new Total Disinfection service from PestControl-Bucuresti and make sure you don't let any viruses or bacteria affect your business or produce an unfavorable public image of it!



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