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Parliament backs use of over 500 million Euros to manage migration and resettle refugees


Justice & Home Affairs
The European Parliament today backed the use of over 500 million Euros to help manage migration and support the relocation of refugees between EU member states. The amount had originally been earmarked in 2015, but had not yet been used.
S&D Group MEP Miriam Dalli, who was responsible for negotiating on behalf of the Parliament, said:
“Climate change, instability in North Africa and the Middle East and vast discrepancies between rich and poor, mean that migration and asylum will continue to be major political issues for years to come. National governments believe that we can just shut our borders and the problem will go away. This is short-sighted and only stores up larger problems for the future. If we want to manage migration in a sustainable way, then we need a holistic approach, with each member state taking their share of responsibility.
“Today we have ensured that money earmarked back in 2015 can continue to be used for the purpose it was intended. Migration remains one of the biggest issues that our continent is facing and it is essential that the EU has the means to act. We have reached a compromise with the Commission and Council to ensure that a significant part of this money will be used to fund the resettlement and relocation of refugees between member states. This is still the best way to ensure that asylum is managed effectively and that each EU member plays their part.”