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Organ donation measures will help fight against trafficking - Matias


19 May 2010


Health & Consumers

Speaking in support of draft proposals establishing quality and safety standards for transplantation of human organs today in the European Parliament, Portuguese GUE/NGL MEP Marisa Matias said the scarcity of organs for transplantation was a major problem for Europe that required an urgent and common response.

"The adoption of a common policy to deal with this issue is of crucial importance. Reaching an agreement that ensures higher protection both to patients and donors and reinforces the voluntary and non-paid dimensions of organ donation must be a key priority to safeguard public health" she said.

The report seeks to specify the competent authority in each member state responsible for ensuring quality and safety standards for transplantation of organs. The proposals also push for the banning of advertising of human organs for financial gain purposes.

"These proposals will assist the fight against the parallel market run by criminal networks engaged in trafficking human organs, a problem that affects the most deprived populations first and foremost" Matias said.

The Mikolášik report on organ donations will be voted in plenary between 12 and 1pm tomorrow.


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