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19 Apr 2011



Brussels – Providers of e-communications networks and services  are fully committed to the open Internet and reiterate the key importance for consumers to be able to access services, applications and lawful content of their choice, as provided for by EU Directives, says ETNO on the occasion of the publication today by Neelie Kroes, Vice President of the European Commission for the Digital Agenda of a Communication on the Open Internet.

“Europe’s competition frameworks and the EU Directives for electronic communications already guarantee the openness of the Internet and transparency for consumers while recognizing the need for innovation in networks and business models. With the fast increase in data traffic over fixed and mobile network, smart management of networks is essential for offering service quality to all end-users and for developing new innovative services”, says Luigi Gambardella, ETNO Executive Board Chairman. 

“Consumers in Europe benefit from a highly competitive market place for broadband Internet access, choosing from a range of providers and options to access and use the Internet. Competition is driving users’ ability to access to content, applications and services they require, be it on fixed or mobile networks”, added Gambardella.


The revised EU framework for electronic communications adopted by EU Parliament and Council in December 2009 includes additional transparency measures that further enhance consumers’ ability to make informed choices regarding their Internet service. In addition, NRAs dispose of a new reserve competence to prevent a possible degradation of service quality for consumers.


As highlighted by the Commission’s Communications: “Given that Member States are still transposing the revised EU electronic communications framework into national law, it is important to allow sufficient time for these provisions to be implemented and to see how they will operate in practice.”


ETNO fully shares the EU Commission’s view that “Any additional regulation should avoid deterring investment, or innovative business models, lead to a more efficient use of the networks and to creating new business opportunities”.


Traffic management does not restrict consumers’ fundamental rights, such as freedom of speech or privacy. On the contrary, by providing a secure, safe and reliable network, even in the case of traffic peaks, networks management enhances consumers’ experience when accessing the Internet.


“In order to support the growth of the digital market and a sustainable Internet model, industry and policy makers should adopt an open and supportive approach to new business models that sustain investments in higher capacity networks. In highly competitive markets for fixed and mobile broadband, any further regulation that would restrict traffic management and service differentiation would undermine Europe’s digital economy and hamper innovation”, concluded Gambardella.


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