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New rules on short-stay visas will boost EU tourism while cutting down on abuses


Justice & Home Affairs
The European Parliament today voted on an updated EU visa code, to modernise the granting of short-stay visas to the EU for third-country nationals.
The new rules will help boost tourism, trade and business in the EU while also improving security and cutting down on possible abuses.
S&D Group MEP and Parliament negotiator for the new rules, Juan Fernando López Aguilar said:
"After several years of complicated negotiations we have approved an ambitious agreement to modernise and simplify the procedure to obtain short-stay visas. These grant access to the EU to third-country nationals who do not qualify for a visa exemption. The reform will affect more than 102 countries and more than 15 million people every year.
“The objective is to make it easier for those wanting to visit the EU for tourism, trade or business, while enhancing security and cutting down on potential abuses. Procedures will now be clearer and faster for legitimate travellers, with a harmonised approach to issuing multiple entry visas. 
“The new rules will also help encourage cooperation with third countries on the readmission of undocumented migrants. We ensured that countries who cooperated closely on readmission would receive positive incentives on visa policy for their citizens rather than simply sanctioning countries that are unwilling to cooperate.”