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new rules for coach and bus passengers must not mean higher prices


15 Feb 2011

During a debate on new rules giving bus and coach passengers' rights comparable to those of air, rail and sea passengers in the European Parliament this morning, Czech GUE/NGL MEP Jaromír Kohlíček welcomed the "reasonable compromise", the result of long negotiations and conciliation with the Commission and Council, but identified significant problems.


"For example," said MEP Kohlíček, "insurance coverage may become an interesting and attractive segment for financial institutions, but will result in price hikes for users." He also criticised the lack of an inflational clause, which means that euro exchange rates will not be taken into account for travellers outside the eurozone.


But there are some positive points, he said, including the improved situation for disabled travellers and people with reduced mobility, compensation and assistance in case of accident and that proper information will finally be available to bus and coach passengers.


MEP Kohlíček welcomed the fact that the transitional period for implementing these rules had been reduced to four years, but said he was not very happy that this could be renewed.

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