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New labelling rules a boost for consumers and animal rights


11 May 2011


Health & Consumers

Consumers, allergy sufferers and animals will benefit from new textiles-labelling rules to be voted on today by the European Parliament, according to GUE/NGL MEP Eva-Britt Svensson.


"We're always saying that consumer power is important, but if we're serious about this, we have to live up to it and give consumers a chance to use their power. We have to ensure that they have enough product information so that they can make a conscious, informed choice."


While Svensson tabled amendments on behalf of the GUE/NGL on origin marking, compulsory marking of animal products and ethical and environmental markings, she said she remained broadly satisfied with the compromise.


"Voluntary and self-regulatory measures for the labelling of fur products don't work. Consumers must have the information to be able to ethically opt out of fur products and the cruel conditions in which they are often produced."


The Commission is set to conduct a study on information on chemical products used in the production of textiles; Svensson stressed that its results will be crucial for combating the growth in allergies.


"We have an interesting proposal here but we need to be sure that this in put in place and that the information is available throughout all member states" said French MEP Jacky Henin. "We need the means to fight against counterfeiting both outside and within EU borders. It is a question of political will, but unfortunately we're putting more effort into getting rid of Tunisians than dealing with real problems. Sadly, it's easier for a product to move around the EU than a human being."


The vote on the proposal will take place at lunchtime today.


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