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New EFA MEP, Ana Miranda, takes her seat in Parliament to stand up for Galiza and the right to self-determination


07 Sep 2022



Tuesday, 6th September 2022

Ana Miranda MEP is committed to fighting more than ever for social justice, for feminism, and for a green future in Europe

The EFA Group in the European Parliament has today a new MEP. Ana Miranda, BNG MEP, takes her seat in the European Parliament to stand up for Galiza and the People’s right to self-determination. Bringing Galiza’s own voice to the European Parliament is one of the main goals that the BNG has in the European Parliament, as Ana Miranda MEP, and the BNG leader, Ms Ana Pontón. commented during a press conference in the European Parliament. They explained their main working lines in the European Parliament: “We do not come here to defend lobbies and corporations. We come here to defend the people”, said Ana Miranda MEP. About Ana Miranda MEP, Ms Ana Pontón said: “It’s a guarantee for Galiza. She has tireless enthusiasm and energy and know and understands Ganiza and the European institutions.

MEP Ana Miranda is committed to fight more than ever for social justice, for feminism, and for a green future in Europe. “We face the challenge of a severe economic crisis that is leading to a disproportionate increase in prices and inflation, caused by an extreme warmongering”, diagnosed Miranda MEP. She will also maintain an internationalist vision, one of EFA’s core values, by participating in the delegations of the Eurolat (Latin America), Andean community, Chile, Palestine, Turkey, and, of course, defending Western Sahara and Kurdistan’s rights.

More power to the Galician people

Ana Miranda MEP will also represent the voice of the Galizan people, who will increase their political power and possibilities to have a say in relevant issues for their country and their productive sectors. The new EFA’s MEP will be a member of the Committee on Fisheries and the Petitions Committee “where we will work on issues of relevance to the Galizan economy, and also demanding truth and justice for the Alvia victims”, stated Ana Miranda MEP.

EFA’s new MEP will also be represented in the Committee on Regional Development, a key institution because it’s where the plurinational financial framework and the Next Generation funds are discussed. “We will make an exhaustive control of these funds because we have seen signs that they do not reach their destination projects”, added Ms Miranda. Finally, she will also be part of the European Parliament Subcommittee on Human Rights.

Ana Miranda MEP entry to the European Parliament is supported by the 174.000 votes in the 2019 European elections, a big rise in BNGs support. “I want to thank all the voters for the trust expressed in us”, explained Ms Miranda. “It is an honour and a pride, as well as a big responsibility to work for my country and all the Galizans”, she added. Ana Miranda MEP also wanted to dedicate some words to her mother and father, who dies during the pandemic. “Without them and their effort, I wouldn’t be here. Their strength makes me face this new stage with more motivation and the willingness to give the best of myself”, she said.