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Music Publishers applaud adoption of Gallo Report


22 Sep 2010



Brussels, 22 September 2010;

The International Confederation of Music Publishers (ICMP) is delighted at the adoption of the Gallo Report on Copyright Enforcement by the European Parliament today.

“This is a great signal and gives us real hope of seeing anti-piracy firmly on the legislative agenda", said ICMP Secretary General, Ger Hatton.

Online piracy poses a huge threat to cultural and economic growth, jeopardising jobs and compromising revenues for creative and cultural industries and Governments alike.  Strengthening the application of intellectual property rights and tackling online theft will encourage innovation, ensuring a better environment, not only for composers and lyricists, but ultimately benefitting the public at large.

“The European Parliament should be applauded for its commitment and good sense.  We look forward to working with the Commission on next steps to uphold the enforcement of artists rights online,” concluded Hatton.

For further information please contact Ger Hatton, ICMP Secretary General or Anne Sophie Duchene :

About ICMP
ICMP is the international umbrella trade association representing the interests of the music publishing community globally.

The constituent members of ICMP are national, regional and international classical and popular music publishers’ associations from Europe, North and South America and Asia-Pacific. Included are the leading independent international, regional and national music publishers, as well as the four multinational music publishing companies.

Music publishers provide a bridge between the creative process and the market. They discover, nurture, develop and promote composers, ensure their work finds a commercial outlet and license the use of their music. Music publishers protect the interests of artists and guarantee their creative output is rewarded by arranging contracts and protecting copyrighted music.
As the voice and point of reference of music publishing, ICMP's mission is to increase the level of copyright protection internationally, encourage a better environment for the music publishing business, influence legislation and act as an industry forum for consolidating global positions.


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