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"More focus on competitiveness for the EU 2040 climate targets “


06 Feb 2024


Climate & Environment
Frankfurt, 6 February 2024 – The European Commission publishes today its Communication on the 2040 Climate Targets and its Industrial Carbon Management Strategy. Thilo Brodtmann, Executive Director of the VDMA, comments:
  • “A defined intermediate climate target by 2040 is politically correct. The path is more important than the actual number: now the EU Communication indicates how the emission reductions can be achieved.”
  • “The focus on a decarbonized and at the same time competitive manufacturing industry is an important signal for the mechanical and plant engineering sector, as our industry provides the key technologies to achieve this target.”
  • “The critical point is that the 2040 climate targets must by no means lead to more regulatory burden for the companies. Otherwise, the necessary investments will hardly be able to take place.”
  • “Implementing the current EU Green Deal regulatory framework, while simplifying it should be therefore the priorities.”
  • “Carbon capture technologies are an essential component for achieving the European climate targets. The EU Commission sends a clear signal that climate targets cannot be achieved without these technologies. However, carbon capture technologies must now also be recognized by society and the Member States as a legitimate and necessary option for climate protection."
  • "The technologies for a CO2 carbon cycle are technically mature and the mechanical and plant engineering industry is a global leader in this field. Europe could become a leading market and an EU Industrial Carbon Management strategy is needed. VDMA is a competent partner for the implementation of the EU plans."
  • "The desired hydrogen economy cannot function without carbon from this CO2 cycle. Both areas of climate protection are interdependent, which is why we welcome any initiative in this area."
The VDMA represents 3600 German and European machinery and equipment manufacturing companies. The
industry stands for innovation, export orientation and SMEs. The companies employ around 3 million people
in the EU-27, more than 1.2 million of them in Germany alone. This makes mechanical and plant engineering
the largest employer among the capital goods industries, both in the EU-27 and in Germany. In the European
Union, it represents a turnover volume of an estimated 770 billion euros. Around 80 percent of the machinery
sold in the EU comes from a manufacturing plant in the domestic market.