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MFF - Viable EU incompatible with selfish member state behaviour


06 Feb 2013


EU Priorities 2020

"The European Union has to remain viable with a view to cohesion, enlargement, fighting social exclusion, cooperation, climate change and our sustainability strategy" said GUE/NGL Chair Gabi Zimmer speaking during the debate on the EU's 2014-2020 budget in the European Parliament this morning.


"This means we need a bigger budget on the one hand and an internal reform of the structure of the budget on both the revenue and expenditure sides on the other," said Ms Zimmer. The Commission proposal which relates to only 1.05% of the EU's GNI "falls far too short of the mark," she added



Ms Zimmer also took the "selfish interests" of member states to task, which is leading to compromises being sought and a series of mutual concessions being agreed to offset these different interests.



Those member states benefitting most from rebates are those who are loudest in demanding cuts to the EU. "That is sanctimonious and wrong and ultimately detrimental to the EU," she said.



Ms Zimmer was adamant that it must be made clear that commitments should be met and that fresh funds are secured to offset the 2013 deficit situation. "We must put an end to those deficits. If we allow this to go ahead, it could ultimately lead to the bankruptcy of the EU," Gabi Zimmer concluded.


Will our young people have a decent future and access to university or jobs? Will our schools survive? Will our elderly have access to care and medication? Will it be a future for all or just for the favoured few?" These were some of the questions put to the Commission and Council by Portuguese GUE/NGL MEP Alda Sousa.

With increasing poverty and a worsening crisis, MEP Sousa wondered if the Council will agree to a Multiannual Financial Framework "that will give us the minimum necessary Europe and not just something that masquerades as Europe."


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