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Medicines for Europe announces new President, launches Access to Medicines campaign

Warsaw, 10 October 2017

  • Today Marc-Alexander Mahl will take over the Presidency of Medicines for Europe from Jacek Glinka.
  • The new President announced his priority to increase Access to Medicines for patients starting with a new campaign.
  • The campaign calls on health ministers to realise the potential of generic, biosimilar and value added medicines, building on the EU Health Council Conclusions of June 2016.
The newly elected President of Medicines for Europe – Marc-Alexander Mahl – launched the “Access to Medicines: Better Care for More Patients” campaign which calls on health ministers to fully embrace generic, biosimilar and value-added medicines to improve the sustainability of healthcare systems across Europe.
Dr. Mahl takes over the Presidency of Medicines for Europe for 2 years. As Executive Vice President Business Unit Generic Drugs at Fresenius Kabi, Marc-Alexander Mahl chaired the Hospital Sector at Medicines for Europe. A physician by training, he completed his specialization in transfusion medicine and blood banking in 2001, the year he also joined Fresenius Kabi. He also holds an Executive MBA from INSEAD.
Today, in Warsaw, Marc-Alexander Mahl explained: “European healthcare is under financial constraint with many patients struggling to get access to treatments. The increasing overall cost of healthcare will force policy-makers to make difficult and unpopular choices about how best to allocate resources. Yet there is a very simple and obvious way to ensure access while managing healthcare budgets: to promote generic, biosimilar and value added medicines use by patients, medical professionals and pharmacists.” The new campaign will provide compelling data and proposals to help policy-makers and stakeholders improve access to medicines. In particular, the campaign will help policy-makers encourage competition in complex, specialty medicine markets where there are tremendous opportunities to increase access, spend resources more efficiently and improve overall care for patients.
About Medicines for Europe
Medicines for Europe represents the generic, biosimilar and value added medicines industries across Europe. Its vision is to provide sustainable access to high quality medicines, based on 5 important pillars: patients, quality, value, sustainability and partnership. Its members employ 160,000 people at over 350 manufacturing and R&D sites in Europe, and invest up to 17% of their turnover in medical innovation. Medicines for Europe member companies across Europe are both increasing access to medicines and driving improved health outcomes. They play a key role in creating sustainable European healthcare systems by continuing to provide high quality, effective generic medicines, whilst also innovating to create new biosimilar medicines and bringing to market value added medicines, which deliver better health outcomes, greater efficiency and/or improved safety in the hospital setting for patients. For more information please follow us at and on Twitter @medicinesforEU.
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