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Making Europe a global bioeconomy leader


11 Jun 2019


Agriculture & Food
FEDIOL outlines its vision for the EU Mandate 2019-2024
On the occasion of its Annual General Assembly in Brussels this week, FEDIOL outlines its policy priorities for the future of the Agri-Food sector in Europe. In a vision document, the association highlights how the European protein and vegetable oil sector can contribute to Europe being a leader in the global bioeconomy. The agri-food sector faces a perfect storm: increased global demand for food and severe pressure on agriculture due to factors such as climate change. Furthermore, Europe is facing a large deficit in protein-rich crops, while global demand for protein is expected to rise substantially in the coming years. FEDIOL’s approach focuses on three key policy priorities:
  • Fostering an environment for safety, quality and innovation in Europe, that ensures food safety standards, and empowers consumers to make informed choices on the back of evidence-based policy making.
  • Driving sustainable use of agricultural raw materials in Europe by maximising the value of biomaterials and addressing Europe’s protein deficit.
  • Promoting responsible supply chains around the world, through trade and cooperation.
“As the EU enters a new legislative term which will be critical in shaping the future of Europe, we call on policymakers to support the transformation of our food system and unleash the potential of a sustainable bioeconomy” – said John Grossmann, FEDIOL’s President. “Meeting global demand for food in a sustainable way is the greatest challenge of our generation. With our manifesto, we present our vision for the future of the agri-food sector, and our commitment to engaging with supply chain partners, policymakers and other stakeholders to find collective responses to common challenges.” Grossmann added.
You can find our Manifesto here.