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Low carbon economy roadmap must ensure clean environment as well as bring jobs. Romana Jordan Cizelj MEP and Salvatore Tatarella MEP


09 Mar 2011


Climate & Environment

"The European Commission is going to present its long-awaited roadmap to a low carbon economy today. We believe it is a good directing post for the European economy and investments.

However, concrete political decisions must follow. European politics have to prove their ability to combine two goals into one: the fight against climate change and improving the EU's competitiveness.

Ambitious and smart climate policies are not in contradiction to economic growth and international competitiveness if emission reduction targets are followed in a cost-efficient manner. Both are fatally connected. The future of the world's economy lies in clean environmentally-friendly technologies. This fact is proven by the developed world's superpowers, such as Japan and the emerging economies, such as China.

Strengthening the EU Emission Trading System should not lead to a further detriment of industry's international competitiveness. We also have to think about the inequalities in economic welfare and investment opportunities between old and new Member States, the issue of an adequate distribution of financial resources will become more significant. We must not allow ourselves to lack behind.

Further emission reduction beyond the agreed EU targets should be achieved first and foremost through the right incentives rather than through additional legislative measures. Consequently, the next Multi-annual Financial Framework has to set the right priorities by directing more funds to research and innovation (FP8 & CIP II) as well as by incentivising the use of cohesion funds for energy efficiency measures (such as building refurbishments).

We have to take responsibility for a clean and healthy environment and the development of new job opportunities", concluded Romana Jordan Cizelj MEP and Salvatore Tatarella MEP.

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