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Lorries and buses should contribute to curbing greenhouse gas emissions, says S&D MEP Damiano Zoffoli


24 Jan 2018


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Climate & Environment

Today the environment committee in the European Parliament backed a report aimed at reducing CO2 emissions from heavy-duty vehicles. The EU is committed to cut greenhouse gas emissions by at least 40% by 2030, and road transport must make a relevant contribution to this target. It is generating the greatest share of greenhouse gas emissions (72.8% in 2014) of all means of transport, with heavy-duty vehicles accounting for 5% of the total carbon dioxide emissions in the EU.

The report voted on today, whose author is the S&D MEP Damiano Zoffoli, presents a system to monitor and report on CO2 emissions from, and fuel consumption of, new heavy-duty vehicles that will allow for the implementation of the measures comprised in the Mobility Package.

S&D MEP Damiano Zoffoli said:
“All sectors must make their contribution to meet the Paris climate agreement, including the road transport sector. The Mobility Package presented by the Commission provides some effective measures, but they will not be applicable as long as we lack reliable data on fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. A system to monitor and collect such data already exists for cars and vans, but is still pending for lorries, buses and coaches.
“Having reliable information on fuel consumption will also help hauliers and mainly small and medium-sizes enterprises; they will be able to choose the most energy-efficient models. In addition, local public procurement could make smarter and cleaner purchases.
“Now that this monitoring system will soon be in place, we need to also set ambitious CO2 targets for heavy-duty vehicles. In the report I ask the Commission to present a proposal in the coming weeks.”


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