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The launch of the "Moldova-EU" Club in Brussels


13 Oct 2023



Brussels, 12 October 2023

Expert knowledge will play a key role in the accession process of the Republic of Moldova, which received the status of a candidate country for the European Union a year ago. Countries that have already gone through the EU accession process know what it means to have specialists in European affairs. In the case of the Republic of Moldova, there is such a potential.

Benefiting from dual citizenship, Moldovan and Romanian, over a hundred Moldovans work in Brussels in EU institutions and agencies, but also in consulting organisations, lobby organisations or NGOs specialized in European affairs. These experts in different fields know the functioning mechanisms of internal European processes, as well as the EU membership experience of other states that may be relevant for the Republic of Moldova.

In this context, the "Moldova-EU" Brussels Club was launched, structured according to the model of the "Romania-EU" Club, established 20 years ago. "The club is the meeting place for Moldovans who work in European Brussels. Our initiative is to become an organization that issues ideas and expertise in the process of integration and accession negotiations, and when the Republic of Moldova needs an increased resource in this field, we will be ready to get involved”, explain the initiators of the Club: Alexandrina Robu-Cepoi, Vlada Toma and Marian Cepoi.

Brussels, as a legislative pole, has coagulated a special community around the European institutions. 100,000 people now work in European Brussels, many of them originating from the powerful private sector, represented by European and international companies, industrial federations, the European press and the non-governmental sector. 

Invited to the launch, Dan Luca, the founder of the ˝Romania-EU˝ Brussels Club, emphasized the fact that, at the Romanian level, the Club has had a great impact, especially during the pre-accession period of Romania to the European Union. "The meetings with Romanian and European officials, as well as the ongoing projects, gave a clear message to Europeans that Romania's place is in the EU. Relatively speaking, our Moldovan brothers and sisters are much more advanced. They haven't opened the accession negotiations yet and they already have dozens of Moldovans in the European institutions˝, concludes Dan Luca.

Additional information about the ˝Moldova-EU˝ Brussels Club

can be obtained by email - or 

by phone +32.493.936.789 (Alexandrina Robu-Cepoi).

Note: The "Moldova-EU" Brussels Club is an independent group of Moldovan experts who live and work in Belgium, many of the members being directly involved in the activities specific to the European capital. The club is financially independent, without religious or political character, independent of any governmental structure or political party in Moldova or the EU. Its main goal is to contribute to the promotion of Moldova's image in the EU. The club does not carry out commercial activities and does not seek to make a material profit.




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