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At last a European rail transport system with a human face, where passengers’ rights are respected


29 Apr 2021



At last we will have a European Rail transport system with a human face, where all travellers, including people with reduced mobility, will have the right to be assisted and protected in case of delays, cancellations or discrimination. This was our goal as progressives and we are proud to have worked to make this happen all across Europe.

The rapporteur and S&D MEP, Bogusław Liberadzki, stated:

“This new set of rail passengers’ rights ensures, in particular, rerouting and support when there are delays and cancellations, and improved assistance for people with reduced mobility.

“If there is a delay of over 60 minutes, the rail operators will be obliged to reroute passengers finding the best alternatives. Meals and refreshments must be provided and accommodation costs reimbursed.

“We are also happy to see that, as we move towards more sustainable mobility, all trains will need to have dedicated spaces and racks for bicycles.

“A European rail transport system that is more sustainable, more green and more respectful of passengers’ rights. This is what we promised. This is what we can finally be proud of.”

The S&D co-ordinator in the European Parliament’s transport committee, Johan Danielsson MEP, added:

“In order to reach our climate goals, we need to achieve a modal shift, where more goods and passengers are transported by rail. At present, rail passengers hardly have any rights at all, which makes the shift to rail difficult.

“Strengthening the rights of rail passengers is essential to make train journeys more attractive and competitive.

“Therefore, I am pleased that we finally have an agreement. The provisions guarantee safer and easier travel for rail passengers, including persons with reduced mobility, and will therefore facilitate travel by rail for all Europeans.”



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