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Large, European medicine donation to Ukraine


07 Mar 2022


Health & Consumers

Large, European medicine donation to Ukraine

A large number of pharmaceutical companies from 23 countries in Europe are donating medical aid to Ukraine's needy people by means of the large Danish pharmaceutical company, Orifarm.

This is organized through the non-profit organization Affordable Medicines Europe, headquartered in Brussels, and the medical aid, which comprises many different products, contains everything from insulin and morphine to over-the-counter painkilling medicines.

The CEO of Affordable Medicines Europe, Kasper Ernest, is very satisfied with the great support amongst the 100 member companies to donate medicine to Ukraine.

"We feel great support among the companies for this important, humanitarian effort, and it is a wide range of medical products that we are able to deliver already now. We are in contact with the Ukrainian health authorities about their needs, and the mayor of Gdansk has made sure that a number of Polish trucks will bring medicine to Ukraine from Orifarm's Czech facilities outside Prague, ” Kasper Ernest says.

He adds that the European Commission has also approved that Affordable Medicines Europe will have the option of sending medicines from companies in the UK to Ukraine via the Czech Republic.

Orifarm, which is headquartered in Odense, Denmark, is going to receive all the medicine from the organization's member companies, and CEO in Orifarm, Erik Sandberg, is pleased that the company's Czech facility will be able to receive and distribute the many products fast.

"There is a great need for medicine in Ukraine, and it is important to help if you have the opportunity. We have a very efficient logistics center in the Czech Republic, where management and employees have immediately assumed the task of receiving the large amount of medicine soon coming in from many companies throughout Europe. From there it will be shipped to Ukraine as soon as possible. In addition, Orifarm will donate a large number of products ourselves to the Ukrainian people,” says Erik Sandberg.


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