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Keep the Energy Label on the right track


27 Feb 2020



The EU Energy Labelling success story started in 1992. It has allowed millions of citizens to make informed choices when buying home appliances, being a great communication tool for manufacturers and also one of the major energy flagship policies of the Union.

The new Commission’s Energy Labelling Regulations for refrigerators, washing machines, washer-dryers, dishwashers and lighting published on 5 December 2019, confront home appliance manufacturers with inconsistent provisions which are not in conformity with the Framework Regulation. They are also preventing effective compliance checks by market surveillance authorities.

This situation risks undermining the excellent reputation of the energy label. It also endangers the newly set-up EPREL database, meant to provide consumers with additional information about the products.

In this context, APPLiA has initiated proceedings before the EU General Court, requesting the partial annulment of the above-mentioned regulations, aiming at restoring legal certainty for all actors active on the market.

“This extraordinary measure we decided to undertake,” said Peter Goetz, APPLiA’s President, “is the proof of our commitment to the Energy Label as we know it and as we want it to keep being - a bright story”.

With this legal action, the home appliance sector wants to secure clear and coherent rules that are necessary to guarantee fair competition and ensure consumers are not misled. The information visible on the Energy Label and in the accompanying product information sheet, is a unique medium for manufacturers to communicate consumers about product efficiency and performance. We need to preserve its reliability. With its frontline role in the energy labelling debate, the home appliance industry is very keen to maintain its commitment towards the EU’s energy efficiency goal that could only be achieved through consistent legislation.

“Home appliance manufacturers have largely contributed to the EU’s energy efficiency target” commented Paolo Falcioni, APPLiA’s Director General, “but manufacturers need to rely on measurable, enforceable and verifiable legislation and on a consistent regulatory environment to continue delivering the best products for consumers”.

APPLiA - Home Appliance Europe represents home appliance  manufacturers from across Europe. By promoting innovative, sustainable policies and solutions for EU homes, APPLiA has helped build the sector into an economic powerhouse, with an annual turnover of EUR 50 billion, investing over EUR 1.4 billion in R&D activities and creating nearly 1 million jobs.

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