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Joint Statement on Efficient Capacity Calculation Methodologies for an efficient European electricity market


07 Jun 2018



Improving the availability of interconnections for cross-border trading is crucial to allowing further European market integration in a cost efficient way for the consumers. In this perspective, EFET, Eurelectric and the MPP strive to reconcile the European Commission draft, the European Council’s General Approach and the ITRE Committee’s draft compromise amendment on Article 14 of the recast Electricity Regulation on capacity calculation to ensure the effective integration of electricity markets.

Article 14 of the Electricity Regulation should indeed ensure that TSOs, while respecting network security at all times, maximise cross-border capacities in all timeframes, in a cost-efficient way from a European welfare perspective. Ensuring that TSOs calculate and allocate cross-border capacity to the market in all timeframes is crucial. Indeed, it allows efficient cross-border hedging of market participant’s positions in the long term, as well as proper portfolio adjustment in spot markets, and efficient dispatch in real time. In this respect, relying on an arbitrary “one-size fits all approach for all EU borders would ignore the value created by cross-border trade, the reality of the system and the specificities of regional and national markets.

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