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Jan Kimpen appointed new COCIIR President


Health & Consumers
Brussels – 14 March 2018 – At the COCIR General Assembly in Brussels, Joost Leeflang announced that he is standing down from the COCIR Presidency; Jan Kimpen has today been elected as the new COCIR President. Jan joined Philips in 2016 as Chief Medical Officer and is responsible for clinical innovation and strategy, medical affairs and health economics. Previously he was CEO of the University Medical Center Utrecht in the Netherlands.
Outgoing President Joost Leeflang thanked the COCIR membership and team for their outstanding contribution saying, “COCIR is widely recognised as an important and influential industry stakeholder. It plays a vital role in integrated care approach at the core of future healthcare systems.”
On his appointment as President, Jan Kimpen said “I am pleased to have the opportunity to continue to build on COCIR’s ongoing commitment to advancing understanding of the benefits of the digital transformation of healthcare systems. The technologies developed by COCIR members will be integral in delivering this change and ensuring future healthcare systems are sustainable. We will continue to build the evidence of the value of our industry’s contribution.”
COCIR Secretary General Nicole Denjoy expressed her gratitude for Joost Leeflang’s work during his tenure. “Joost’s strategic drive greatly increased recognition for the vital role COCIR members’ technologies will play in ensuring sustainable healthcare.” 
She continued “Along with all our members, I now look forward to working with Jan Kimpen. His direct, hands on experience with patients in a high-profile clinical environment adds an important new dimension to COCIR’s expertise. It comes at a highly apposite moment, when multistakeholder approaches become increasingly important in shaping how sustainable healthcare is achieved. Jan, through COCIR, will play an instrumental role in ensuring the benefits of COCIR members’ contribution to the digital transformation of healthcare and care are recognised.”
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