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IRU upgrades online services to support operators’ daily work


18 Feb 2013


Trade & Society
The IRU has upgraded two global online services, TRANSPark and IRU Legal Assistance Network, to further facilitate and secure daily road transport operations and support the industry’s sustainable development.

Geneva – The IRU, in order to facilitate daily road transport operations and ensure the industry’s sustainable development, recently upgraded two of its global online services: TRANSPark, an application that helps locate and promote secure parking areas, and the IRU Legal Assistance Network, a global network of over 100 specialised legal professionals providing legal counsel and assistance on demand.


The new TRANSPark is more user-friendly and relevant to professional drivers, parking area managers and transport operators, while remaining free of charge. Now fully available in English, Russian and French, the application enables users to locate more than 4,000 parking areas in over 40 countries, including along planned routes, register the location of new parking areas in the application and rate the security and comfort levels they offer. Parking managers can also promote their own parking and self-assess security and comfort levels or request a certification.


TRANSPark helps better control costs and prevent cargo crime and attacks on drivers, and provides useful extras such as border waiting times, fuel price comparisons, flash news as well as security advice.


The IRU Legal Assistance Network (LAN) has been upgraded to an attractive and intuitive web application giving transport operators requiring specialised legal assistance a fast and easy access to contact details of more than 100 legal professionals worldwide, specialising in transport law and/or practising in different areas of law that are relevant to international road transport, such as transport fiscal, administrative, community, civil and commercial, criminal, labour and procedural law. This network is designed so that users can rapidly identify a competent lawyer in any given country worldwide and request counsel or assistance for a fee. 


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