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The IRU signed a MoU with DocStop to provide medical assistance to professional drivers.


02 Oct 2009



IRU partners with DocStop through TRANSPark

Brussels – A Memorandum of Understanding between the IRU and DocStop - a network of medical doctors who provide their services to drivers in need of non-critical medical assistance, in a 4km radius around main parking areas in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, the Netherlands and Poland, was signed yesterday by DocStop Chairman and Member of the European Parliament, Dr. Dieter Lebrecht-Koch, IRU President, Janusz Lacny and IRU Secretary General, Martin Marmy.

The IRU has committed, by working together with its member Associations and the International Transport Forum (ITF) to extend the current DocStop network to the Eurasian continent. Several IRU Members, such as TLN in the Netherlands, CESMAD Bohemia in the Czech Republic, AISÖ in Austria and ASTIC in Spain, have already expressed in writing their intention to work towards the development of the DocStop network in their countries.

This agreement is a major step to improve working conditions and further enhance road safety by providing professional drivers with an access to medical assistance when fulfilling their duties. DocStop service availability will be integrated in TRANSPark, as one of the numerous free of charge services already provided by the IRU and its Member Associations to road transport operators and drivers through TRANSPark information system.

DocStop Chairman and Member of the European Parliament, Dr. Dieter Lebrecht-Koch, said: “ With DocStop, truck drivers are fit and in good health behind the steering wheel and will therefore not only protect themselves but also the other road users. This has a great impact on European road safety. With the IRU members, we found strong partners to support the initiative".

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