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IRU publishes EU passenger rights manual for fleet operators


10 May 2012



The IRU has published a manual for bus and coach operators, providing them with useful information before the 1 March 2013 deadline, regarding their obligations to passengers and aiming to promote increased service quality within the sector.

Brussels – The IRU has developed a manual that provides information to bus and coach transport managers about their new obligations towards passengers under the EU Regulation on Passenger Rights that enters into force on 1 March 2013, and includes provisions on assistance, reimbursement, rerouting, compensation, assistance to disabled persons and passenger information, among others.

Commenting on the new EU Regulation, IRU Vice President and President of the IRU Passenger Transport Council, Yves Mannaerts, stated, “It is vital that bus and coach operators fully understand the new EU Regulation and are prepared for the consequent major changes to passengers’ rights before the March 2013 implementation date. The new regulation will have significant implications for our industry.”

The IRU manual, chaptered in three sections for regular services over 250km, under 250km and for occasional services, focuses on passenger rights during the handling of accidents, delays and cancellations, the rights of disabled passengers, and how passengers are provided with information. 

Mr Mannaerts continued: “These new regulations provide a solid framework for ensuring that we continue to provide high quality services to all categories of passengers before, during and after their journey. I urge all operators to take note of the new rules and be well-prepared for their implementation.” 

Download the new IRU manual.

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