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IRU and UNCTAD strengthen cooperation


27 Apr 2010



IRU and UNCTAD today signed a Memorandum of Understanding outlining areas of future cooperation between the two partner organisations.

Geneva – The International Road Transport Union (IRU) and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), opening opportunities for a wider cooperation to implement Customs systems and best practices.

The MoU covers the integration of new electronic TIR features, namely the TIR-Electronic Pre-Declaration (TIR-EPD) and the Real Time SafeTIR (RTS), into the UNCTAD ASYCUDA software program. UNCTAD will subsequently provide technical assistance and training to the Customs Administrations in the Republic of Moldova and Georgia in piloting the ASYCUDA/TIR system, while the IRU will assist the UNCTAD field activities in the two pilot countries.

The MoU also includes cooperation in rolling-out the ASYCUDA/TIR system in other ASYCUDA-user countries, as well as promoting best practices of ASYCUDA and TIR. UNCTAD and IRU will coordinate their related activities with European, Central Asian and other countries as well as with regional organisations such as EurAsEC, ECO, BSEC, LAS, etc. to raise Governments’, Customs Administrations’ and trade communities’ awareness of international customs standards and benefits of the ASYCUDA and TIR systems.

Such cooperation will be carried out through joint seminars, training events and projects on Customs and Customs transit. UNCTAD and IRU also agreed to a regular exchange of information relating to the ASYCUDA and TIR developments and to review issues pertaining to the integration and implementation of automated Customs transit systems at national, regional and global level.

IRU Secretary General, Martin Marmy, said: “These new synergies between UNCTAD’s ASYCUDA system and TIR electronic functionalities will help optimise Customs procedures and standards in beneficiary countries, while contributing to the geographical expansion of the TIR System in new countries and regions covered by ASYCUDA but not yet Contracting Parties to the TIR Convention, thus supporting and facilitating new trade and road transport flows.”

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