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Iratxe García Pérez re-elected S&D Group president: “United, we are ready to lead the progress our citizens need”


25 Jun 2024



Today, the S&D leader, Iratxe García Pérez, has been unanimously re-elected president of the Group of the Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament for the upcoming legislature. García will be leader of the second largest Group in the European Parliament with 136 seats. 

During the speech after her election, Iratxe García said: 

“Social democrats are ready to take on the responsibility to provide the progress our citizens need. Pressing issues include those suffering from poverty, unemployment, lack of living wages, or affordable housing. 

“We must progress and we should do so by defending the principles and values of social democracy: integration, rule of law and equality. 

“And we must progress by building a social market economy; a social model that guarantees education, health care and pensions. At the same time, it creates wealth while aspiring to achieve climate neutrality through the Green Deal. 

“We are ready to combine economic growth with social cohesion - the only way to reduce inequality. Growth, innovation and competitiveness will only make sense if we can give our workers decent jobs with rising wages, invest in public housing and lift the EU population out of poverty and social exclusion. 

“The recipe for the enormous challenges ahead is very clear to us: defend our common interests by pooling our national sovereignty, fostering co-operation and solidarity inside and outside our borders, building a Defence Union and contributing to the end of the war in Ukraine and peace in the Middle East. 

“After every crisis, our Union emerges more integrated and united. In addition, we believe, now more than ever, that unity is strength, and that unity is worth fighting for to allow us to lead progress. Yes, social democrats are pro-European, and we will be even more so in the future. 

“Above all, social democracy is a belief in change. The present and the future of our society can and must be fairer, more prosperous and more sustainable. 

“Let us act with courage, enthusiasm and vision. Let us be proud of our achievements and let us show the solidarity necessary to progress in building a fairer Union.”


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