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Innovative Modular Concept: providing better rather than more transport


28 May 2010



The IRU highlights at the annual meeting of the International Transport Forum that innovation in road transport is instrumental in providing high quality, door-to-door, flexible customer services and remaining competitive, and that the standardised innovative modular concept is an optimal solution to promote multimodal transport.

Leipzig - At the annual meeting of the International Transport Forum on “Transport and innovation: Unleashing the Potential”, which brought together over 800 delegates from around the world, including Transport Ministers, industry leaders and academics, the IRU presented, in partnership with its German Member Association BGL e.V., the innovative Modular Concept as the solution to help promote multimodal transport.

IRU President, Janusz Lacny, stressed: “co-modality, together with ITS applications and the Modular Concept, is a perfect demonstration of how multi-aspect innovation can create better, rather than more transport. The IRU is committed to cooperate with all relevant stakeholders and decision-makers to reap, through appropriate legislation and investments, the maximum benefit of innovative technologies, techniques and practices.”

BGL Secretary General, Prof. Dr Karlheinz Schmidt, added: “The optimisation of the payload, through the standardised Modular Concept, allows for a more efficient use of existing loading units by using longer vehicle combinations where possible, and shorter combinations when necessary. The standardised Modular Concept is an excellent example of how to increase, through innovation, not only co-modality but also partnerships between all transport modes, and to create an effective, integrated transport system.”

Speaking for the entire road transport industry, IRU President went on to say that : “We have clear expectations from governments who participate at the ITF meeting, as it is high time to recognise the vital role of road transport as key production tool, ensuring the competitiveness and sustainable economic development of every business in every country and driving economic growth and social welfare, and to standardise the silhouette and all the elements of the innovative Modular Concept, to ensure its successful national and cross-border co-modal use as the solution to promote multimodal transport.”

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