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Industry in crisis! Europe must step up!


01 Dec 2022


Social Europe & Jobs

Industry in crisis! Europe must step up!

Workers in Europe are facing an escalating social crisis. Our industries are facing an existential crisis and the climate clock is ticking.

Meeting in Brussels today, the members of industriAll Europe's Executive Committee held an intensive debate on the energy price and cost of living crisis and the state of European industry.

There was a loud call for urgent action on energy prices and an assertive European industrial policy, as well as solidarity within and between countries in Europe. Industry is and remains the backbone of our economy. The Green Deal can only be realised if it is supported by sustainable industries.

Trade unions are deeply concerned about the social impact of the crisis and the attacks on living standards. Workers in our industries are doubly affected: firstly, as citizens suffering from high inflation and the huge cost of living, and secondly as workers who see their jobs at risk. With companies suffering from extreme energy costs and relocations already taking place, the threat of deindustrialisation is present and real.

IndustriAll Europe and its affiliates therefore demand short-term crisis measures to protect jobs and support industry. Public funds must be linked to social conditionality to guarantee jobs and working conditions.

IndustriAll Europe demands a strengthening of collective bargaining as it is key to deliver on good wages and working conditions.

For the future, Europe needs a new energy strategy. This strategy must address the failure of the energy market and current energy dependencies. While electrification will increase overall energy demand, clean energy supply and energy efficiency must be drastically increased. Europe must be able to rely on an affordable, environmentally friendly and autonomous energy supply in the future.

Crucially, no company should be allowed to profit from the crisis! Windfall profits must be clawed back and invested in transforming our industries providing a Just Transition.

Statement: ENDEFR