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Industrial policy proposals need more ambition


10 Mar 2011


Social Europe & Jobs

Regretting MEPs' decision to maintain the most negative aspects of the Lange report on industrial policy for the globalized era, Portuguese GUE/NGL MEP Ilda Figueiredo said that while the text recognized the key elements for sustainable growth and employment in Europe, today's passing of proposals which insist on liberalization, synergy with military research, and risk capital make it unsupportable.

"This report put forward a series of contradictions which we sought to clear up with our amendments; unfortunately MEPs have pushed for liberalization of international trade, free competition and the deepening of the internal market in public-private partnerships" she said.


"It's time to defend the industries of the EU and in our countries. This requires a change from the policies that have been pursued and a different EU framework to support manufacturing, SMEs, research and innovation, less carbon intensive industry, workers' rights and equal rights for women in employment".

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