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“Imagine Life Without” –European Copper Institute takes to the web with new, three-stage campaign


01 Oct 2009



Brussels, 29th September 2009. In an innovative new communications initiative, the European Copper Institute has released a dynamic, new three-stage campaign, aimed at revitalising public awareness of the benefits delivered to the world by copper. The simple, but carefully constructed project is designed to spread ‘virally’ around the Internet and appeal to all levels of understanding. It features a teaser video, web and printed formats. In recent years, copper has dominated the news with its high and volatile price. These headlines have overshadowed many major milestones in its industry. For instance, in 2008 copper received a US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) accreditation for its natural antimicrobial ability to fight infections, such as MRSA, Clostridium Difficile and influenza on contact surfaces in public spaces. This campaign is aimed at instilling fascination and therefore awareness of copper’s essential role in modern life. The campaign begins with a video, a 2-minute dash through the first hour of everyday city life. It leaves the viewer with a cliffhanging finale and the invitation to visit - a site that explains the mysterious film and educates the viewers to the new level of understanding of how copper is literally everywhere around them. The film was created by the 2009 award-winning filmmakers, Casual Films, based in London. “From our morning shower to our mode of transport, and from our mobile phone to our computer, copper plays an important role. It’s easy to overlook how essential this exciting and unique metal is. We wanted a campaign for a 21st-century audience that would bring everyone, from whatever level of understanding, up to a new viewpoint on their world”, explains John Schonenberger, Chief Executive of the European Copper Institute. The film and the site will shortly be followed by a publication entitled “Curious about Copper”. This will allow the reader to learn more about the role of copper. Copper is an essential nutrient for all living organisms and is totally recyclable. Copper’s contributions in improving energy efficiency are also helping to address today’s climate change challenges. Future plans include education packs for schools and colleges. The Institute is also poised to communicate the conclusions of its ‘Voluntary Risk Assessment’. This pioneering scientific study, set up by the copper industry with the support of the Member States,has comprehensively evaluated potential risks for man and the environment from the manufacture, use and recycling of copper. The European Copper Institute invites you to be curious and visit the website: