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ICMP urges rapid implementation of IP enforcement and infringement measures


27 May 2010



As Telecoms Minister from across the EU27 meet in Brussels on Monday they should consider how some of the key policies in the recently released European Digital Agenda can be realised.

Of particular interest to music publishers is the European Commission’s initiative to put forward measures on IP enforcement, and in particular against IPR infringements online. ICMP calls on the Commission to rapidly implement and speed up that process.

“If the EU continues to focus on effective enforcement of IP rights and tackles illegal online activities in particular online theft, then not only will it create a better environment for composers and lyricists but also for the public by encouraging creation, culture and innovation” said Ger Hatton, Secretary General of ICMP, the International Confederation of Music Publishers. While the Digital Agenda will enhance access and operability for consumers ICMP calls on the EU to help raise consumer awareness not only of their rights but also their responsibilities online.

ICMP welcomes the proposed Directives on collective rights management and on orphan works outlined in the Digital Agenda for Europe, and in the Internet age where efforts need to be global, acknowledges the Commission’s plans for international cooperation on several aspects of the Digital Agenda, such as cybersecurity, and the commitment to work with developing economies. The promise by the Commission to issue a Code of EU Online Rights by 2012 summarising existing digital user rights in the EU in a clear and accessible way was also applauded by Music Publishers.

ICMP considers the Digital Agenda for Europe as a welcome and ambitious roadmap that will allow European citizens to thrive in the digital age while safeguarding their rights and safety.