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17 Dec 2010


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BEIJING, CHINA – Representatives from the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation (CPCIF) met today with company leaders of the International Council of Chemical Association (ICCA), to commemorate its recent acceptance into ICCA as an observer member, a first step in the ICCA membership process.

ICCA is the worldwide voice of the chemical industry, representing chemical manufacturers and producers all over the world.  In addition, ICCA promotes and coordinates Responsible Care®, the chemical industry’s global voluntary health, safety and environmental performance initiative, and other voluntary chemical industry initiatives.

“For ICCA to truly be the voice of the chemistry industry before the United Nations and other international bodies, it is vitally important that our representation includes China, a large and growing producer and market for the materials and products of chemistry,” said ICCA President Andrew N. Liveris, Chairman & CEO of Dow Chemical.  “This step being taken to welcome CPCIF as an observer member of ICCA is born of the growing relationships we are building with Chinese chemical companies.”

“As the umbrella organization representing the petroleum and chemical industry in China, CPCIF is committed to uniting the industry and ensuring that companies across the country can achieve their sustainable development goals,” said CPCIF Chairman Li Yongwu. “We are pleased to enter into this relationship with ICCA and look forward to our participation.”

“ICCA is committed to working with CPCIF and their member companies to collaborate in the sustainable development of the chemical industry in China,” Liveris said.

Background:  At its October meeting, the ICCA Board of Directors approved CPCIF’s observer status.  The Board also granted the following associations ICCA observer status: the Association of International Chemical Manufacturers (based in Hong Kong, SAR); and, a joint application of PIAT, TRCA, and TCIA (chemical associations from Chinese Taipei).

The International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA) is the worldwide voice of the chemical industry, a sector with 2009 turnover of more than €1,900 billion (excluding pharmaceuticals).  ICCA members account for more than 60 percent of global chemical sales.  The ICCA focuses on key issues for the chemical industry, and the promotion and coordination of Responsible Care® and safe chemicals management through the Global Product Strategy.  Priority advocacy issues include chemicals management, regulatory affairs, and international climate negotiations.


ICCA:      Jenny Heumann (w) +1 202 249 6520, (m) +1 202 549 4839, or

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CPCIF:     Guanglian Pang (w) +86 10 84885428, (m) +86 139 0116 2028, or


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