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Hyderus is announced as Best Specialist Healthcare Communications Consultancy in Europe 2021.


24 Dec 2021


Health & Consumers


Hyderus was recently recognised as the Best Specialist Healthcare Communications Consultancy – Europe by Global Health & Pharma Magazine. Hyderus works with pharmaceutical companies, vaccine manufacturers, medical device manufacturers and government and non-governmental organisations in the healthcare arena.

Hyderus is a global leader in providing international health advisory services and strategic communication advice to assist public and private entities in shaping policy, priorities, and public attitudes.

Hyderus's mission as a global leader in healthcare marketing is to connect more of the world with medicines, vaccines, and diagnostics they can trust. Its work with Gavi, Sanofi Pasteur and Novartis has won awards for Hyderus clients, and consider this a success even though it does not receive recognition for this work.

Hyderus has been working with Gavi since 2013, one of the COVAX partners supplying free or subsidised COVID vaccines to the 165 countries that cannot fund vaccinations themselves. These countries account for 60% of the human population. Most recently, Hyderus has been working with Gavi to teach individuals in developing countries how to collect video stories using smartphones on how vaccination programmes have benefitted their communities.

Additionally, Hyderus has aided Sanofi Pasteur since 2013 in their bid to eradicate polio forever. Since Hyderus began working with them, many countries have seen the stop of endemic transmission of wild poliovirus. This status is only achieved when no new cases have been reported for three consecutive years - Nigeria being the most recent. Only Afghanistan and Pakistan are still classified as endemic.

Once these two countries have achieved 90% vaccination coverage with one dose of oral polio vaccine (OPV) and one dose of inactivated polio vaccine (IPV), the world will finally be able to see the eradication of polio forever.

Furthermore, since 2016, Hyderus has been partnered with Novartis on various corporate responsibility initiatives such as Malaria, Sickle Cell Disease (SCD), Chagas Disease and Leprosy. It also works with the Novartis Foundation to improve the health of low-income populations focusing on how data, digital platforms and artificial intelligence can transform global health.

Hyderus has been pandemic-prepared since 2008 when Sanofi Pasteur asked, as a supplier, if they could support them if swine-flu (which was an epidemic at the time) became a pandemic and borders closed, schools closed, and people had to work from home. Hyderus re-designed its company systems and processes to work from anywhere with a smartphone and a laptop computer. At the time, it seemed a bit excessive, but Hyderus went along with it – and when COVID hit, the company was wholly prepared. While its competitors were scrambling to switch to working from home, it was winning new business as its clients found Hyderus was ready and accessible.

Hyderus employs people in the countries where its clients work and would never send a press release - as an example – from Europe for a project in sub- Saharan Africa. Instead, the

the press release is written centrally, edited for each country, and distributed by colleagues in-country who have much better knowledge of how the media work in their location.

Additionally, building on the success of its Indian Health news portal, Hyderus has launched an African Health news portal and is launching an Asian Health portal in 2022.

Moreover, Hyderus has been developing a tool that its clients and other agencies can use to determine precisely who an opinion leader is influenced by on social media. This involves a lot of data mining, for which Hyderus has had specialist software developed.

Furthermore, Hyderus is constantly re-engineering its company's systems and

processes and will review the entire company every two years to ensure it is as efficient and

cost-effective as possible.

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