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Heat pump technology gains momentum in household applications


30 Nov 2009


Sustainable Dev.

Brussels, 30 November 2009: Since heat pumps are at the core of several household appliances, CECED, the European household appliance manufacturers’ association, has created a new issue group to support further technological development for the use of renewable resources in the household.

Heat pumps are one of the fastest growing domestic technologies. They are part of heating, ventilation and air conditioners; recently their use was also extended to water heaters and dryers. This relevant technical development for sustainability needs to be better promoted towards policy makers in Europe and each member state

Domestic heat pumps fall under the scope of the Renewable Energy Sources (RES) Directive which places declaration requirements on manufacturers as a way of promoting renewable energies.

“As energy related topics remain on the political agenda and considering the speed with which domestic heating & cooling technology is growing, we determined that creating the Heat Pumps Issue Group was a way to enlarge our commitment to bringing the full energy efficiency potential of household appliances forward,” said Luigi Meli, CECED Director General.

Mr. Meli explained the new issue group will focus on strengthening the representation of the technology used in domestic heat pumps at European level. The group will coordinate their activities with existing organisations to identify common heat pumps issues covering the renewable energy field in order to ensure full coherence of proposed policies.


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