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Is healthcare ready for the 4th industrial revolution?


03 Oct 2016


Health & Consumers

Big data, 3D-printed, robots in the operating room – the European MedTech Forum in Brussels will explore the potential benefits and the barriers to success

-          Industry leaders, researchers, health professionals and policymakers will discuss Europe’s ‘medtech future’, 1 – 2 December 2016 @ Flagey, Brussels

We are on the cusp of a ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’, a new era that extends the impact of digitalisation in novel and unanticipated ways.

“For healthcare – and for medtech in particular – the opportunities on offer in an interconnected world are immense,” says Serge Bernasconi, CEO of MedTech Europe. “However, to seize these opportunities we need to prepare for the future today.”

Healthcare 4.0

The infusion of technology into every part of our lives is becoming the norm. Every industry is affected by the new waves of technologies, digitalisation and connectivity, and the medtech sector is no exception.

The impact of future medtech breakthroughs is predicted to be massive but is yet to be fully felt. According to a survey conducted by The Economist in January 2016, healthcare business leaders expect our sector to benefit the most from the 4th industrial revolution (45%) – a much more positive outlook than other major sectors.

The Internet of Things (IoT) promises to connect our consumer devices, hospital equipment, and to accelerate efficiencies in manufacturing. The scope for customisation that these changes present may mean better value for all players.

Preparing for the future

Technical, regulatory, commercial and ethical questions remain: What are the societal and ethical implications of the changes that lie ahead? How will physicians work together with Artificial Intelligence? Is our regulatory system fit for the future? How exactly will we use big data and how will the reimbursement system respond?

These questions are the tip of the iceberg and will be the focus of this year’s MedTech Forum. How can we best unleash the potential of the medtech within the 4th industrial revolution? 

About the European MedTech Forum

The European MedTech Forum is the largest health and medical technology industry conference in Europe. The 2015 edition brought together around 500 key leaders active in the EU healthcare scene.

MedTech Europe, the alliance of European medical technology industry associations EDMA and Eucomed, organizes the 9th edition of the Forum on 1 – 2 December 2016 at Flagey (Brussels, Belgium), with the theme The 4th Industrial Revolution – the medtech era?

Don’t miss the opportunity to attend and register today!