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Greek and European crisis begs for root and branch change in EU policy


15 Feb 2012


Euro & Finance
"The dramatic situation in Greece is a result of failed EU financial and economic policies, and will be aggravated by the Europe 2020 strategy", said Lothar Biskyduring this morning's debate on preparations for the forthcoming European Council. The results of these policies are seen in the worsening economic recession, a downturn in GDP not only in Greece but in other countries such as Italy, Spain and Portugal too. "This policy has to be overturned," he said.
"From the beginning, my group was opposed to the EU 2020 strategy and the imposition of one-sided decisions on austerity and debt reduction. What we need are programmes to stimulate sustainable growth and the development of employment programmes and investment in the environment and education," he said.
"The results of Greek and European policy beg for a root and branch change in EU policy, a policy that should be in the interests of the people and not the banks. This could start with the greater involvement of the ECB and bypass the international financial markets, which would eliminate opportunists speculating on Greek, Portuguese or other bonds and therefore eliminate some of the market hype", he said.
Greek MEP Nikolaos Chountis asked the Council representative and Commissioner if they thought there was democracy in the EU and Greece "when the Greek government doesn't represent the Greek people, when Greek members of parliament are called on to examine a 700 page list of demands from the troika in one afternoon while tear gas is being fired at demonstrators? And you, Commissioner, through the troika demanding that we dismantle labour laws? Is this democratic?"
The second memorandum voted last Sunday is a "flagrant and barbaric attack on the working people of Greece", said Georgios Toussas, adding that it was turning workers into modern day slaves working for peanuts. "It's time to put an end to the illusion of solidarity in the EU, which is what thousands of people are shouting on the streets of Europe."
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