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“Global Declaration” encompasses more than 140 projects in over 34 countries - Plastics associations report progress on global marine litter commitments


07 Dec 2012


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In Miami, the world’s leading plastics associations launched a Progress Report on the Global Declaration of the Plastics Associations for Solutions on Marine Litter originally announced in March 2011 at the 5th International Marine Debris Conference. The Progress Report identifies more than 140 projects to prevent marine litter that are completed, underway or planned – a substantial and significant increase from the 100 projects announced in Dubai in November 2011. In addition, the Progress Report provides case studies and detailed insights into preventing marine litter that can be expanded in other regions.


In March 2011, leaders from plastics associations across the globe announced the Global Declaration, a public commitment by a global industry to work with partners to tackle a global problem: plastics in the marine environment.


“The plastics industry is firmly committed to the principle that plastics do not belong in the world’s oceans and should not be littered -- plastics should be responsibly used, reused, recycled and finally recovered for their energy value. I’m pleased that actions taken in 2012 and planned for 2013 greatly exceed our commitments from November 2011”, said Wilfried Haensel, Executive Director of PlasticsEurope. “This report reflects the determination of our industry to shape solutions in partnerships with others,” added Steve Russell, Vice President Plastics at the American Chemistry Council. 


The signatories of the Marine Litter Global Declaration identified six areas of engagement aimed at contributing to sustainable solutions, focusing on public private partnerships to prevent marine litter, research, public policy, sharing best practices, plastics recycling/recovery and plastic pellet containment. Subsequently, the signatories identified 100 specific actions designed to fulfil the declaration, and they agreed to track and report progress.


Additional associations subsequently signed the Declaration, and today there are more than 140 projects completed, underway or planned. The projects vary widely, from education to global research and eco-efficient waste management and litter prevention. The progress report is available here. or more information on the Global Declaration, please visit: