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Get Your Money Back – How to Harmonize e-Invoicing in Europe?


10 Jun 2008


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Brussels, 10 June, 2008 — The “Computing Technology Industry Association” (CompTIA) announces that its “European E-Business Council”/EEC will in partnership with other stakeholders advice the European Commission on the harmonization of e-Invoicing, critical to the future of electronic commerce in Europe.

CompTIA, in cooperation with the SME Union of the EPP, is organizing a luncheon debate on 11 June in the European Parliament to discuss among stakeholders concerned key e-Invoicing issues that will shape the future of electronic commerce in Europe. The debate will address in particular barriers and potential opportunities of e-Invoicing and will be moderated by MEP Piia-Noora Kauppi. Speakers will include:

· Costas Andropoulos, Head of Unit, ICT for Competitiveness and Innovation, DG Enterprise and Industry, European Commission

· Ms Carmen Ciciriello, Chief Executive Officer of SEPA International Ltd., member of the European Commission Expert Group on e-Invoicing

· Kai Haberzettl, Business Consultant, Hewlett Packard and board member of the CompTIA European e-Business Council, and

· Gerhard Huemer, Director, Economic and Fiscal Policy, European Association of Craft, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (UEAPME)

According to estimates by the “European Association of Corporate Treasurers” up to 80% of costs, or EUR 243 billion can be saved alone in the business-to-business market in the EU by using harmonized e-Invoicing tools. Currently, the use of e-Invoicing in Europe is limited due to a lack of harmonization, legal uncertainties related to cross-border transactions, and other operational constraints.

e-Invoicing is an important element of the Commission’s Innovation Strategy to face the challenges of economic globalization. “Making the value chain more efficient reduces costs; and improving the certainty of the environment in which value chains operate makes them more competitive,” said Robert Biddle, Vice President, e-business and software solutions, CompTIA. “One of the ways to achieve these goals is to establish a common framework for e-Invoicing, enabling business partners to send invoices and receive payments electronically throughout the EU.”

For the EEC see:

For further information, please contact Steven Ostrowski, Director, Corporate Communications

+1 630-678-8468, or Timme Dossing +32 2 234 58 57,

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